Sant Gervasi-Galvany

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The neighbourhood of Sant Gervasi-Galvany occupies the lower part of the old district of Sant Gervasi, between Diagonal and Ronda del Mig. The name of Galvany became popular when it was adopted by the municipal market in the area, recovering that of the former owner of the surrounding land, Josep Castelló i Galvany. The urbanisation of Camp d’en Galvany began in 1866. It was some land next to the Turó Park amusement park, later converted into gardens in 1934, following a project by Rubió i Tudurí from 1917.
This garden, together with that of Monterols and the small park of Moragues, are the green islands of a neighbourhood with a strong residential character, combined with important commercial and tertiary activity, especially in the sector closest to Diagonal and on the axis portrait of Muntaner street. The Sarrià train has been one of the main elements for structuring and revitalising the neighbourhood, although its passage through the open sky represented, for many years, a significant danger and an urban barrier. Inaugurated in 1868, it was electrified in 1902. Between 1925 and 1929 the route between Plaza de Catalunya and Muntaner was covered, a fact that gave rise to the appearance of the Vía Augusta, the current transverse backbone of the neighbourhood.
The predominant building typology in the neighbourhood is that of a closed block, although at the eastern end —in the areas of Can Ballescar and Modolell-Can Castelló, on both sides of the Vía Augusta— the model of isolated medium-rise blocks is reproduced , characteristic of the neighbouring neighbourhood of Las Tres Torres.



Sant Gervasi-Galvany